He Xiangning Art Museum à Shenzhen

Overseas Chinese Town

He Xiangning Art Museum

He Xiangning Art Museum is a museum of modern art located in Shenzhen, China. The museum is named after He Xiangning, a prominent Chinese artist and politician, and was established in 1997 to promote the development of modern and contemporary art in China. The museum's collection features over 1,600 works of art by Chinese artists, as well as international contemporary artists.

As a tourist in Shenzhen, visiting He Xiangning Art Museum can offer a unique and insightful glimpse into China's modern art scene. The museum's collection includes a wide variety of works, ranging from paintings and sculptures to installations and multimedia pieces. Visitors can also enjoy exploring the museum's beautiful architecture, which combines traditional Chinese design elements with modern aesthetics. In addition to the museum's permanent collection, the facility features a variety of temporary exhibitions, workshops, and other events throughout the year.

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