Calgary Tower

101 9 Ave SW

Calgary Tower

The Calgary Tower is an iconic and recognizable landmark located in the city of Calgary. This tower stands at a height of 626 feet and offers a spectacular 360-degree view of the city's skyline. It was constructed in 1967 in honor of Canada’s Centennial and has been the city's prominent attraction ever since. The tower offers a unique blend of history, architecture and an enchanting view. Visitors can take a glass elevator to the observation deck on the tower's top to encounter the panoramic views of the surrounding area. Besides the stunning views, the tower provides an immersive and interactive experience of the city's art, history, and culture. Travel enthusiasts can take advantage of the fascinating observation deck, which features photos and the historical background of Calgary.

Visitors shouldn't miss the Sky 360 Restaurant, located on the observation deck, and offers a luxurious dining experience with 360-degree views of the city. The restaurant's glass floor offers a unique dining experience, serving local and international cuisine. The Tower is situated within walking distance of several landmarks, including the Glenbow Museum, which showcases the city's arts, history, and culture. Olympic Plaza, situated close, hosts various cultural and international events throughout the year.

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