Australia Zoo à Beerwah

1638 Steve Irwin Way

Australia Zoo

Australia Zoo in Beerwah is a popular destination for tourists, known for its incredible wildlife and conservation efforts. Founded by the late Steve Irwin, who was passionate about wildlife and the environment, the zoo is a testament to his legacy and his commitment to educating people about conservation. Located on the Sunshine Coast, a visit to Australia Zoo gives visitors the chance to see a variety of native Australian animals up close, including crocodiles, kangaroos, koalas, Tasmanian devils, and many other species. The zoo is home to over 1,200 animals, and there are plenty of opportunities to interact with them, either through feeding and petting sessions or through shows and tours. Make sure to visit the main attraction at Australia Zoo, which is the Crocoseum, a 5,500-seat arena where visitors can watch crocodile feeding shows and other wildlife demonstrations. The show is a amazing sight, with crocodiles jumping out of the water to grab food, and trainers showcasing the agility and intelligence of birds, snakes, and other animals. Australia Zoo also has a strong focus on education and conservation, with a number of programs and initiatives aimed at raising awareness about the plight of endangered species and the importance of protecting their habitats. Visitors can learn about these efforts through talks and tours, and can even participate in hands-on conservation activities.

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